Artist's Statement

A quote from Grant Wood describes a condition from which he and many of us suffer: taking too much for granted. Wood said, "...To my great joy, I discovered that in the very commonplace, in my native surroundings, were decorative adventures and that my only difficulty had been in taking them too much for granted." Woods' words ring with truth. My goal as an artist is to capture the wonder of the often overlooked ordinary, the commonplace beauty around us, those little details that make all the difference in our daily lives. The rough hue of rocks, lush blue woodlands, weathered wood grains, and distant meandering dirt roads never cease to appeal to me. I attempt to share the beauty from which routine blinds us. My work can be purchased on ebay or by contacting me personally.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Collie's Drive 11x14 $70.00

A quiet neighborhood drive leading to distant lakefront is the subject of this painting. I enjoy the play of light on the roof. Light is always the dancer in a painting. Clouds are a fascination to me, as well. In fact, I enjoy paintings in which sky plays a dominate role. Western artists are notorious for this simply because of the vast, open skies of western locations.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lighthouse On PEI 11x14 65.00

Lighthouses vary in style according to location. Those on Prince Edward Island are red and white wooden structures. Originally, the structures served as homes for lighthouse keepers and their families; therefore, the structures were originally designed as dwellings. Although most have been renovated for shops, museums, and etc., they still have the appearance of a home. They stand perched on elevated sites around the red coastline of the island, quaint reminders of the past. ---lovely to see and loads of fun to paint.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Interlude 11x14 $60.00

I wish I had learn how to play a musical instrument. After three years of piano lessons as an adult, I gave up the endeavor. The harmonica has always appealed to me because of ease of use. Carried in the pocket or purse, entertainment is within reach. Maybe I need to make my way to a music store and see if a simple, inexpensive one could be found. Yes, it's never too late to learn. I'll do that. Music is good for the soul.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Old Bike 8x10 $60.00

I never had a new bike, only a used one that was actually too little and a boy's bike at that. Being a carefree kid, I don't remember being offended by the slight. I remember cruising the sidewalks in front of the school which was next door to my home. I was cool. My imagination was a free ranger. I was anyone I wanted and anywhere my daydreams took me. Life was sweet. When do we lose that...whatever it is? Does it evaporate when we lay aside our bikes and graduate into adolescent drama?  I long for that old bike, but more so for what it represents, the happy oblivion of childhood.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blue House on PEI $60.00 8x10

The place was so inviting in the morning sun. I had to take a photo of the blue house with all the flowers blooming out front, such a pretty home. I wonder if it's still there. Maybe I can return some day.